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Looking for business appraisal databases and software.

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Valuation Databases or Software

Looking to grow or start a business consulting practice.

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Looking to calculate damages for personal injury, wrongful death and employment law.

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What we offer

NACVA automates the time-consuming and complex process of business valuation and damages calculations.

With 80 percent of the market for business applications, data, and report writers, we provide the critical software tools utilized by thousands of CPAs, investment banks, and financial professionals and countless business owners and stakeholders.

"...Automates the number crunching for any of a number of different valuation approaches." - Rob Gettinger, Senior Investment Banker at the Yale Group

"EBV a great compliment to the spreadsheets I've developed myself..." - Richard Claywell, CPA, CVA, CM&A, CFD

"...Professional, comprehensive and comes with great support from ValuSource." - Bill Sipes, CPA, ABV, PFS, CSF, ASA, CBA, BVAL, ABAR

"...Same software used by NACVA during their training classes."

"...Use Excel to customize it just like I customize my own spreadsheets and get exactly what I want." - Richard Claywell, CPA, CVA, CM&A, CFD

"...Saves me a LOT of time, produces a better analysis and generates great looking reports."

"...Gathers information on current business valuations in every market in every region..." - Rob Gettinger, Senior Investment Banker at the Yale Group.

"...Faster, more thorough and harder to make mistakes."

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