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ValuSource Online Training

ValuSource has provided a majority of all valuation data and over 90% of all valuation software that is used by thousands of CPAs, valuators and financial professionals worldwide.  ValuSource training is the most efficient way for your firm to learn ValuSource software. From the basics to the most sophisticated techniques, tips and tricks, our training solutions will address the needs of novices and experts alike. Plus, on-site training can be customized for your organization’s specific training needs.

Your busy schedule doesn’t have to slow down your learning progress, you can schedule a training session to fit your schedule.  To schedule a free web-based training session please call 719-548-4900 ext. 101 or email us at

Recorded Training Webinars:
The following recorded training webinars are available:

ValuSource Consulting

Need more than standard technical support?  The ValuSource Consulting team is available to help you use, customize and optimize ValuSource valuation applications.

ValuSource software is based on Microsoft Excel and Word and is extremely flexible and customizable and ValuSource Consultants can help you develop customized solutions to meet your firms exact needs

Custom systems are particularly helpful when you need additional functionality or need to integrate your existing Excel or Word documents with ValuSource applications.

The benefits of using the ValuSource Consulting team are:

  • 20 years of product and industry experience.
  • Includes CPAs, programmers, application consultants, and professional trainers.
  • Are experts at helping you get the most out of ValuSource software, including customization, integration and training.
  • Get an immediate return on your investment and get the most value from ValuSource software.

Call us for a quote on consulting.