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Business Valuation Software

Ultimate Software Subscription

Now you can automate and standardize your valuation practice with NACVA’s new monthly software subscription that includes FOUR valuation applications for ONE low annual or monthly subscription fee.

Zap Report Builder for Valuators

The Zap Report Builder helps you automate and standardize creating valuation reports from your Word and Excel documents. ZAP automates linking Excel data (numbers, ranges, and charts) into your Word documents so whenever the Excel data changes, the data in Word also changes. ZAP also allows for variable content in your report that varies based on the data in valuation (i.e. Excel file).

Need help deciding?  See article and comparison chart below

Still Not Convinced Valuation Software is For You?

Download this FVLE PDF article by Darrell Dorrell that explains why you should consider using business valuation software instead of Excel.

BVM ProExpress Business Valuation
Comprehensive business valuation for any size company including litigation support
Allows detailed financial statement input
Provides Detailed DCF method
Extra earnings bases and Black & Green Build up method
Lite Version
Add-on Report Writer Available
90 Days Free Support
International Version Available*

* Includes International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

Doing an International Valuation?

ValuSource Pro International

ValuSource Pro International has the same features as Business Valuation Manager Pro - except it uses the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) instead of GAAP. It also incorporates risks NOT included in ValuSource Pro such as, country risk, currency risk, legal risk, environmental risks and other risks not identified. All the other features of ValuSource Pro International are the same as ValuSource Pro.

Click the More Info button to see more information on Business Valuation Manager Pro which ValuSource Pro International is based on.