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Business Appraisers Databases

Every professional valuator needs data (market comparables, financial comparisons, cost of capital, etc.). The first question is what to buy. The next is who should you buy from.

You should also consider bundles (to save money & get more data) and even integration (especially if you use valuation software).

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Following are the main databases by type (available ala-cart or within select bundles).

Click each database for a detailed description.

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Private Market Comparables

BIZCOMPS® BIZCOMPS® provides almost 12,000 comparable sales transactions, over a 10 year period, for businesses that have sold for under one million dollars. BIZCOMPS data imports directly into ValuSource valuation software.
IBA Market Data IBA Market Data is the largest and most useful collection of transaction data for small to medium businesses. It is an invaluable resource for the Market Approach to valuation of privately held businesses. Data is updated quarterly.

Public Market Comparables

Guideline Public Company Database Get the public company data you need, faster and more cost effectively than ever before. Public Company Data provides fast selection and data export with ValuSource’s Guideline Analyzer Excel spreadsheet for selection of appropriate company data.