BIZCOMPS® provides almost 12,000 comparable sales transactions, over a 10 year period, for businesses that have sold for under one million dollars. You can export BIZCOMPS data ehither into Excel or ValuSource valuation software.


The BIZCOMPS studies of small business sales were initiated in 1990 to investigate and report financial information about small business transactions in the marketplace. The individual transactions are supplied by Certified Business Intermediaries. Historically, market data on small business transfers has been virtually nonexistent, leaving the appraiser, investor, and advisor to speculate about the fair market value of the enterprise.

The BIZCOMPS studies remove the marketplace uncertainty and provides the user with detailed, meaningful financial information about real world transactions. Since its inception, BIZCOMPS has accumulated and reported data on over 12,000 transactions in the United States.

The top reasons to use BIZCOMPS

  • With almost 12,000 transactions (93.9% under $1M), it’s one of the most comprehensive sources of small business transactions available.
  • You can select data by Industry, SIC or NAICS.
  • Perform custom searches for data.
  • Sort data by any field.
  • Export data to Excel.
  • It provides statistical analysis (high, low, mean, median, Standard Deviation) of selected transactions data including Asking Price, Annual Revenue, Sale Price, % Down, Sales Price/Revenue, Seller Discretionary Earnings/Revenue, Sales Price/Seller Discretionary Earnings, Inventory and FF&E.
  • It charts Sale Price/Annual Revenues and Sales Price/Seller Discretionary Earnings.
  • Comes with video training.
  • It’s updated twice a year to assure your data is always current.

BIZCOMPS Data Includes:

SIC, NAICS, Business Type, Asking Price, Annual Gross Revenue, Seller Discretionary Earnings (SDE), SDE/Gross Sales, Sale date, Sales Price, Percent Down, Terms, Sales Price/Gross Sales, Inventory, Rent/Sales, Days on Market, Franchise Royalty, FF&E, City/State, Geographic Area and Number of Employees.

Works with these products:

  • Microsoft® Excel or Excel-compatible spreadsheet
  • Downloads into ValuSource Pro, BVM Pro and Express Business Valuation