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Industry and Metro Reports

As a professional valuator, you need to understand your client’s industry and local economics. The Archived Industry & Metro Reports contains 1,100+ archived industry and metro reports written by our custom research department.

These reports are “Archived”, meaning they are from previous custom research projects for specific industries and metro areas.  They are NOT current, but provide very valuable data, analysis and include bibliographies.


  1. In valuation you must understand the economic environment of the subject company, including its industry and the local economics. These industry and metro reports provide a detailed economic overview that are invaluable for valuation.
  2. Both industry and metro reports provide bibliographies so you can go directly to the source to find current data.
  3. These reports were created by a professional research team, so you can see what sources they used and the approach they used analyzing both an industry and a metro area. These reports can be used as templates to create your own custom industry or metro analysis.


The industry reports are typically over 25 pages and cover a specific industry and include topics like Industry Overview, Competitive Landscape, Industry Outlook, Risks, Trends, Forecasts and Bibliography.  Even those these reports are from a prior period, they can be very useful to get an overview of the industry and see what sources were used to compile the information.


Metro reports cover a specific geographic area and are typically 8+ pages and provide economic information including topics like overview, population, personal income, Per Capita Personal Income, industry earnings, employment, projections and bibliography.


These reports can be accessed if you have an EconAssist,  Silver, Gold, Platinum or Titanium subscription, they are not sold separately.  Each report can be downloaded with a single click.