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Kroll U.S. Cost of Capital Module

Includes three datasets that can be used to develop, augment and support your own custom analyses: (i) U.S. Cost of Capital Inputs, (ii) U.S. Industry Benchmarking and (iii) U.S. Company-level Betas.

U.S. Cost of Capital Inputs

The U.S. Cost of Capital Inputs dataset provides size premia, risk premia, equity risk premia, risk-free rates, betas and industry risk premia that can be used to estimate U.S. cost of capital, with data going back to 1999. Our tool guides users step-by-step through the process of estimating U.S. cost of capital, allowing either Kroll’s data or custom inputs to be incorporated into the analyses.

U.S. Industry Benchmarking

The U.S. Industry Benchmarking dataset provides U.S. industry-level inputs needed to estimate cost of capital and industry-level benchmarks that can be used to augment and support custom analyses. Comprehensive industry-level data and statistics are presented in a concise, consistent, and clear format for approximately 170 U.S. industries, with quarterly data going back to 2014.

U.S. Company-Level Betas

The U.S. Company-Level Betas dataset and tool provide users with the ability to identify and select their own peer group of individual companies within a subject industry for which a CAPM (Capital Asset Pricing Model) beta in needed. The dataset provides levered, unlevered, and relevered betas for those individual companies, with data going back to 2014. Users can select multiple companies using Kroll’s company look-up tool to calculate five different beta estimates and perform sensitivity analysis using different currencies, stock return frequencies, lookback periods, and market indices.

U.S. Cost of Capital Inputs Dataset

U.S. Industry Benchmarking Dataset

U.S. Company-Level Betas Dataset

U.S. Data Includes:
  • Risk-free Rates
  • Equity Risk Premium (ERPs)
  • Size Premium
  • Risk Premium Over the Risk-free Rate
  • Betas and Industry Risk Premia (IRPs)
U.S. Data Includes:
  • 170+ industries analyzed each quarter
  • Cost of equity, cost of debt and WACC estimates
  • Performance statistics and ratio analysis
  • Valuation multiples
  • Levered and Unlevered Betas
  • Capital structure inputs
U.S. Data Includes:
  • 8,000+ U.S. Companies
  • Currency: USD
  • MSCI USA Market Index
  • Levered, Unlevered, and Relevered Betas
  • Statistical Quality of Betas
  • Company-Level Metrics

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U.S. Cost of Capital Module

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*Global Bundle - Users Receive Both the U.S. Cost of Capital Bundle and International Cost of Capital Module at a 10% Discount for the 1st License

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