Business Valuation Manager Pro is only available as part of the Valuation Software Subscription.


Business valuation software will streamline your valuation practice and allow you to produce better valuations (analysis & reports) in less time.   Business Valuation Manager Pro (BVM Pro), with over 90% market share, has been used by thousands of CPA’s, valuators and financial professionals for over three decades.

There are five main REASONS you should consider BVM Pro…

  1. Guides you through valuation BEST practices.
  2. The MOST automatic database integration.
  3. MOST comprehensive valuation methodologies.
  4. Hundreds of pages of SMART and flexible content.
  5. Generates comprehensive intelligent and automatic standards-based written reports.

“As a 20 year valuation professional, this saves me a LOT of time, produces a better analysis and generates great looking reports. I highly recommend it!”

“This is the same software used by NACVA during their training classes. Excellent”

“My valuations hold up in litigation–thanks for ValuSource!”

Still Not Convinced Valuation Software is For You?

Download this FVLE PDF article by Darrell Dorrell that explains why you should consider using business valuation software instead of Excel.