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Features & Benefits

Following are the main features and benefits for Business Valuation Report Writer:

  • Hot-linked Data. Keeping all your Excel workbook numbers, tables and charts in sync with your Word document presents a major problem. You need all of the data contained in your Excel workbook to be hot-linked to your valuation report created in Word. The Business Valuation Report Writer (BVRW) makes this a very easy process. The reports that come with BVRW automatically pull the correct data from your ValuSoruce Pro or Express Business Valuation project. You can also add an unlimited number of additional links (numbers, tables, charts) to reports.
  • Valuation Library. You can now create your own business valuation report library. Most valuators are constantly searching for previous reports to find a paragraph or section to copy and paste into their current report. All this searching copying and pasting is time consuming and tedious. Wouldn’t be better if you could create a well-organized, comprehensive library of formatted report sections that you could access and share with others in the firm. This is exactly what the Library allows you to do.
  • Optional Report Content. The reports that come with BVRW are smart, so that only the appropriate sections are included in your reports. You can also build your own report templates that contain a variety of topics and when you generate a report, you decide which topics get included and which don’t. Imagine looking at a comprehensive report table of contents and then being able to select what goes into the report.
  • Easy to use. the learning curve has been drastically reduced because you already know how to use Microsoft® Word. You still create your report using Microsoft® Word, but the Report Writer gives you a layer of additional functionality on top of Word to make the process much faster and easier.