How it works

The CoreValue consulting system consists of three steps, #1 is Discover, #2 is Unlock Deep Dive Analysis and #3) Executable Growth Plan.  The CoreValue Discover Report – Your Lead Machine – Allows you to provide a free initial 15 minute analysis of company strength and value.  CoreValue Unlock – A 90 minute Deep-Dive Analysis, where you can typically charge $4,500

The paid deep-dive analysis generates a detailed strength and value report

CoreValue Executable Growth Plan

Based on the Unlock report, the Executable Growth Plan provides a detailed road map and scoreboard that shows all the areas you can help the company for both initial and multi-year engagements.

The Discover Process:


The first step in the process is to have your client use Discover, a fifteen minute free assessment. The best way to do this is face-to-face with your client. You can send your client an invitation to Discover–this is the email they receive.


Your customer (business owner) enters some basic information about themselves.


Discover asks one question per driver, for a total of 18 questions. The process takes about fifteen minutes.


Once the 18 questions are answered a Discover Report is created that shows the Potential Business Value, Value Gap and provides the top three problem areas. This allows you to show how your services can address these issues and improve both the company’s operational efficiency and value. Click here to see the full Discover Report.

The Unlock Deep Dive Analysis Process:


Unlock walks you through the assessment process by asking questions about each of the 18 value drivers.  For each driver there are between three and ten sub-drivers. You can navigate through the Unlock process by clicking the next arrow or selecting any one of the driver icons at the top of Unlock.


For every driver and sub-driver, there is a question that needs to be answered. This shows the Growth / Company Growth question. There are 78 drivers / questions in the Unlock assessment process. Unlock takes about 90 minutes to complete.


Once all the Unlock questions have been answered the Operational Strength and Value report is generated. This report is the basis for building a high performance and high value company,. The report displays the CoreValue rating, value, potential value and gap value. All of the consulting tools can be accessed from this menu.


There are a number of consulting report that can be generated that specify the problems found and form the foundation for the consulting engagement.


One of the more valuable reports is the Value Gap Analysis, which shows how each driver contributes to the Value Gap. This also provides you the high level overview to plan the consulting engagement.


The Value Driver Report shows the score for each driver and sub-driver. This allows the consultant to navigate through all 18 driver areas and determine which operational areas should be targeted for improvement.


The Wordbook report provides the master road map for all 18 drivers. In addition to the questions answered in Unlock, there are tasks to perform to improve strength and value in each area. This provides a step-by-step approach to “fix” the company.


The Task report shows all the suggested tasks that need to be completed to close the value gap. The list can be sorted by “Bang for the Buck” which allows the consultant to focus on the most productive and valuable tasks first. This creates an early “win’ and provides the tangible benefit business owners are looking for–results.