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Conference Presentation Database

By May 11, 2023May 31st, 2023KeyValueData

The Conference Presentation database provides online access to over 900 presentations delivered by hundreds of instructors at conferences held by NACVA and the IBA over the past 14 years.

Covering a wide range of general and specific topics which are of great interest to the professional valuator, many of the presentations are supplied in their original presentation format, which usually is Microsoft® PowerPoint. Presentations can be searched by title, instructor, date, or keyword and can be immediately downloaded.

A few reasons you should consider the Conference Presentation Database:

  1. Extensive topic list (hundreds of topics)
  2. Taught by industry leaders (hundreds of instructors)
  3. Comprehensive content (full PowerPoint)
  4. Presentations cover fourteen years of conferences

How does the Conference Presentation Database work?

Step 1:  Find the presentations you are looking for by entering a title or keyword and select search.  On the detailed tab you can search by instructor as well.

Step 2:  Download the presentations you are interested in by clicking on the “pdf” link in the left column to download the presentation.

Click here to learn more about the Conference Presentation Database.