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Federal & State Law Cases Database

By May 11, 2023May 31st, 2023KeyValueData

The case law database contains over 2,300 cases and contains both federal and state cases related to rulings on valuation, damages, expert testimony, Daubert challenges, discounting, and anything else that is valuation related.

For valuators who require up-to-date information on these cases that affect both valuation standards and practice, or who frequently are called to serve as expert witnesses, there is no better place to turn than our Federal & State Law Cases database.

The database includes summaries and full-case text for thousands of key federal court decisions which affect the valuation profession and the determination of business value. This database also offers the industry’s only comprehensive database of state valuation cases.

All cases are easily searchable by keyword, citation, date, or presiding judge. Also, all cases related to Daubert challenges can easily be found. Once you find the cases that could potentially be of interest, you can quickly read the summary which reviews the key valuation issues, and then only read the full text for those cases that are relevant. Having access to the case summaries is a significant time-saver.

Supporting Unique Positions

The case law database is very useful in supporting a position that is unique or is contrary to the norm. There are many examples of these situations including subsequent events, holding companies, and built-in capital gains, among many others.

For an example of a subsequent events issue, if an asset that was relevant to the value was sold after the valuation date, you can use case law to support the position that the sale value after the valuation date should be used as the value of that asset.

The valuator does need an attorney to review the specific situation and write up an opinion memorandum, which the valuator can reference in the valuation.  However, the valuator can give the attorney a significant head-start by reviewing the case law database and providing the attorney with specific cases to review. Assembling this type of head-start provides significant time and cost savings.  Of course, if the case goes to litigation, the attorney would defend the case analysis and resulting legal position.

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