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Frank Wisehart: See what Frank says about why he relies on ValuSource software

By August 30, 2021June 5th, 2023Customer Insights

In 1999, Frank Wisehart was certified as a newly minted CVA. In 2003 he went on to establish his own practice. It was around this time Frank was first introduced to ValuSource business valuation software. In 2011, Frank was offered a role at a regional accounting firm where he went from managing a team of 3 to managing a team of 100. Then in 2014, Frank went to work for RGL Forensics where he built the valuation team from 10 to 250 valuators.  Eventually, RGL Forensics was acquired by Baker Tilly, one of the largest accounting firms in the country employing over 4,200 people.  Throughout Frank’s valuation career he has continued to use ValuSource valuation software.


Breakdown of business

Frank Wisehart is a Partner at Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP in San Francisco, California. As a leader in the forensic, valuation and litigation practice, Frank’s team works primarily with attorneys in litigation matters involving questions of financial damage, business value, marital issues, fraud, estate value, and forensic accounting.

Why Frank uses ValuSource valuation applications?

  • ValuSource applications save time by automating much of the valuation process.
  • The software implements a best practice process to help prevent mistakes and calculation errors – the complexity of the valuation process means even the most experienced valuator can make an error
  • Ensures NACVA, the IRS and AICPA standards for report writing and regulatory requirements are met
  • Easily integrates valuation data with the click of a button. This also simplifies the database subscription management process, so all subscriptions are easily kept current and the latest data is always at your fingertips.
  • If a change is made in the valuation analysis, the software automatically ensures the change is implemented throughout the valuation report.
  • Dramatically simplifies the report writing process with by creating a draft report so you do not need to start from scratch each time.

Frank also likes ValuSource’ s subscription model so he always has the latest version of valuation data and software at his fingertips.  Because quality is such a crucial factor in producing valuation reports, Frank likes the fact that ValuSource’s software goes through internal quality testing for every release as well as it being the most widely used valuation software in the field.

To watch Frank’s webinar on how he uses ValuSource valuation applications click here