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Improve Credibility and Save Time with First Research Reports

By May 11, 2023May 31st, 2023KeyValueData

As a professional valuator, you need to understand your client’s industry. Unless you only concentrate on a few verticals, you will have to quickly understand completely new and unique markets well enough to understand the industry’s impact on your valuation. Being able to grasp how an industry operates, the competitive landscape and how your client stacks up is an important part of determining the value of a business.

Comprehensive Source of Industry Analysis

A division of Dun & Bradstreet, First Research provides industry intelligence for more than one thousand industry segments, merging data from millions of corporations. Many of the profiles include in-depth international industry information, creating a comprehensive suite of data that is continuously updated to ensure content is both timely and top of mind.

How Data is Captured

First Research industry profiles contain critical analysis, statistics and forecasts which are typically updated monthly or quarterly. Data is consolidated from hundreds of sources to create insightful and easy-to-digest industry intelligence that can be easily and quickly mined.

Volume and Scope of the Data

First Research Reports also compiles regulatory requirements and outside influences. This includes global pressures, applicable government regulations and business influencers. It also includes economic and industry insights by State and Province as well as employment and real estate trends. Valuable resource links for each of the 50 US States, Washington, DC and 10 Canadian Provinces provides detailed data.


Having access to detailed financial data and industry performance measures are useful for benchmarking your client against industry peers. Since the range of value between a weak company and a strong company in a marketplace is considerable, if you can pinpoint performance through benchmarking data, you can better substantiate your conclusion of value.

Using First Research in Your Valuations

Many of the researchers who compile the data included in First Research Reports have advanced degrees and 10-20 years’ experience writing about companies and industries. Their deep knowledge in specific areas such as banking and finance, computers and telecommunication, manufacturing, media, retail, and real estate means you get the right kind of information so you can often copy and paste the information directly into your valuation report. This not only saves time, but it also gives you all the data you need to fully substantiate your conclusion of value.

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