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National Economic Review

By May 11, 2023May 31st, 2023KeyValueData

The National Economic Report (NER) database is a monthly compilation and analysis of economic conditions in the national economy. The report includes output data (e.g., Gross Domestic Product), financial market data (e.g., S&P 500), government data (e.g., government receipts), employment data (e.g., civilian labor force), and much more. With over forty-eight key economic indicators and historical data for over 10 years, plus graphs and charts to clearly see patterns, the NER is an excellent source of data and analysis.

NER Author

The NER is written and edited by Kevin R. Hopkins. Mr. Hopkins is a former senior economic advisor to President Reagan. He previously served as Director of the White House Office of Policy Information and as Senior Staff Member for the White House Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs. He has also been a senior contributing editor to Business Week magazine for the past 18 years. He attended the PhD program in economics and mathematics at UCLA. His analysis of the data brings clarity to current and expected conditions at a specific date. Issued monthly and with special editions on quarter ends, you can get the data you need for any cutoff.

Accessing NER

Accessing the data through is simple with an easy web interface. Log in, search for the dates required, and download either a PDF or Word file. At quarter ends, there are spreadsheet files too.

Using NER

Many clients use this data in reports such as valuation reports that require the economic conditions to be considered. Some clients will use this data in newsletters to their own clients.

NER as a Resource

The enhanced quarterly edition of the NER also includes an expanded overview of current economic conditions that can included in valuation report appendices or exhibits as well as easy-to-scan, one-page summaries for forty-eight key economic indicators and historical data for these variables for up to ten years. These summaries are complemented by clear graphs and charts, which add a consistent visual component to the underlying economic data, and which are included in a separate, easy-to-navigate Microsoft® Excel workbook.

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