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BizMiner Suite

BizMiner provides both financial and market analysis data. More valuators are familiar with the financial data used in financial statement benchmarking, but the market analysis data can be very useful as well.  The Bizminer market analysis data helps you understand the subject company in the context of very detailed industry and geographic data. With 9,000 industries located in thousands of U.S. market areas, Bizminer market data is a powerful source of information for valuators.

Competitive Market Narrative

Besides lots of great market data, Bizminer provides narrative reports for your firm, your industry, and your market area, down to the zip code.  The report provides data and a written narrative on sales, wages, sales per employee, market area population and economic demographics, a competitor analysis, employment and productivity, and industry vitality.

Industry Market Report

Another report provides detailed data on the industry, with a limited narrative.  The follow data is included in the Industry Market Report:

  • Competitors
  • Market
  • Annual sales
  • Penetration
  • Employment
  • Sales/employee
  • Productivity
  • Startups
  • Cessation, ownership

Bizminer Suite

Depending on the subscription level, Bizminer offers:

  • Bizminer Local Industry Financial Reports –Industry financial ratios, balance sheet, and detailed Profit & Loss statements. State and Metro reports 36 financial ratios. Co-brand and customize. (Starter & Premium)
  • Bizminer US Industry Financial Reports – Rock-solid industry financial ratios, balance sheet and detailed Profit & Loss statements. US reports with 34 financial ratios; 3–5-year reports and up to 10 more legacy data years. Co-brand and customize. (Starter & Premium)
  • Bizminer Industry Market Series – 3-year industry market research trends with monthly updates. 9,000 industries-any US or local market area. Competitive analysis, mapped intelligence, easy to customize. (Premium ONLY).

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