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How it Works

Automates the Creation of Valuation Reports

Brings CELLS, RANGES & CHARTS from Excel to Word using point-and-click to create links. Auto-update a few, or hundreds of Excel data links with a click of a button—changes ripple through the entire document helping eliminate errors and saving time.

Excel and Word Add-in, Does Not Require ValuSource Valuation Software

Zap Report Builder creates a ribbon inside of Word and Excel allowing you to link your Excel data to your Word document. Everything stays in sync.

Saves Time, Improves Quality and Realization Rates

Quickly create final reports using templates you have already created. Spend more time writing and less time updating Excel data in your Word report.

Works with YOUR Excel and Word docs

Take your existing valuation reports and create live links to Excel in seconds, which are all automatically updated whenever you make a change in Excel.