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Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions. For more information about KeyValueData, or if you need support, please visit the support center.

I want to buy all my data from a single source

There are a few popular databases we don’t carry and recommend you purchase them from your existing source, but for ALL of the other databases (many which are EXACTLY the same), you can get them for 52-66% less at ValuSource. EconAssist ($845 value) is Included FREE in every bundle, or when you purchase any single a la carte database. You also get a complete analytics platform to make sense of it all.

Your prices seem too good to be true?

What’s the catch? There is no catch. We just sell a lot more volume than most–that’s our model. It is the EXACT same data you pay more for elsewhere, plus you get even more (EconAssist, analytics platform, product and valuation support).

Does your data only integrate with your software?

No. It also integrates directly with Excel, but it also includes a ValuSource analytics platform to make your data easier to understand and apply.

What if I already have subscriptions that haven't expired?

We have a program called, “Don’t Lose a Dime.”  You get a prorated credit toward all the data you already have.  So if two of your database would have cost you $500 for the year with ValuSource, but you have six months left with another vender–you would only pay $250 for the balance. Call for details.

What if I don't want all the bundled data?

You can buy a complete bundle, or a la carte. However, many folks don’t even realize the value of the “extra” data until they use it–many times it becomes invaluable. Besides, even with databases you don’t think you will use, you still save money overall because of the significant KeyValueData discounts.

What are the system requirements?

To run KeyValueData, ensure that you system meets these system requirements:

  • Requires Microsoft® Office version 2007-2016 or ValuSource Valuation Software