Features & Benefits

Following are the main features and benefits for KeyValueData:

Scope of Valuation Databases

KeyValueData provides 26 industry databases and resources–the largest selection of any valuation data supplier.

  1. RMA Valuation and Standard Edition
  2. IBA Market Data
  3. Pluris DLOM Databases
  4. Duff & Phelps Valuation Handbook (Decile and Risk Premium Report Data)
  6. Guideline Public Company Database
  7. Public Company Data
  8. Archived Industry & Metro Reports (1,000+)
  1. Mergerstat Review Premiums and Discounts
  2. Mergerstat Review PE Ratios
  3. IRS Corporate Ratios
  4. Done Deals
  5. Around the Valuation World
  6. Business Appraisal Practice
  7. National Economic Reports
  8. Valuation Reports Library
  1. Business Valuation Articles (5,000+)
  2. Federal & State Law Cases (2,000+)
  3. Conference Presentations (550+)
  4. Compensation Data
  5. S-1 Filings (60,000+ filings)
  6. Expert witness Profiler
  7. Unlimited CPE On-Demand Webinars
  8. Bizminer
  9. First Research

Exclusive Best of Class Databases

Includes must-have industry standard data, plus three databases that are 100% exclusive to KeyValueData:

  • RMA Valuation Edition. The industry’s only benchmarking data taken from over 275,000 actual business financial statements that allows you to precisely rank a company against the industry with both national and regional data.
  • IBA Market Data. The largest (over 39,000 comps) and oldest comparables database that incorporates the Direct Market Data Method (DMDM) as well as the standard Guideline Method. Provides bigger sample sizes, more industries and a longer history (3x longer).
  • Pluris DLOM. The largest database of restricted stock transactions for calculating a discount for lack of marketability. Can create your own restricted stock study based on results of individual transactions that you select.

Web delivery platform–with analytics

Instead of just delivering the raw data, which can be challenging to make sense of, KeyValueData includes a complete web-based database delivery platform.  This smart platform not only provides you the data, but also provides many tools to help you better understand it so you can better apply it to your valuation.

  • Smart Interface. Lets you quickly and easily access the data. Provides smart search and display options that show the # of records in your selection, a linear menu that guides you through the process, the ability to view summary and detail data, plus more.
  • Analyzers. Includes pre-built analyzers for many of the databases that include graphics, scatter charts, filters, calculators, trends, and other analytics–saving you hours trying to model and decipher the data from scratch, providing you more insight into your data.
  • Best Integration. Not only can you export to Excel, but KeyValueData also includes automatic one-click integration with ValuSource valuation software (ValuSource Pro, BVM Pro, and Express Business Valuation), the #1 Best-Selling Business Valuation Software applications. No other databases work so seamlessly.

Up to 50% volume discount

KeyValuData provides data bundles that save you from 25% – 50% as well as offering data al-a-cart. This allows you to:

  • Get more data for the same budget–or save money overall. Why pay more for the same data?
  • Create a more thorough valuation. Access to more data sources lets you incorporate more categories of data (Financial Statement Benchmarking, Cost of Capital, DLOM, etc.) and provide a more comprehensive and accurate valuation.
  • Better litigation. More data (at similar costs) increases the chance you have the same data your opposition might use during litigation, so you can validate or dispute results with more credibility.
  • Options to Mix and match. Purchase data bundles, or mix and match–with volume discounts for combinations and subscription levels.
  • A La Carte Data Discounts. Purchase any bundle and you get from 5-15% discount on any additional database.
  • Includes EconAssist ($245 value) FREE. EconAssist is Included FREE in every bundle, or when you purchase any single ala-cart database.. This includes over 1,000 industry and metro reports, 5,000 valuation articles, 2,000 federal and state cases, over 550 conference presentations, compensation data, over 60,000 S-1 Filings, and the Expert Witness Profiler.